『Bright Star』 ジョン・キーツの弟トム John's baby brother Tom


Olly AlexanderというActor。

A boy who played Tom Keats a.k.a John Keats' little brother is unveiled! His name is Olly Alexander... an upcoming actor, could be the next big thing.

photo by Shooter

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Wow, Years and Years is on fast track to stardom already. Olly is an unique singer and he is quite a charismatic front man. Hope you enjoy the gig tonight!

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It's their solo gig, and with other bands supporting them. :) Kitsune was their 'five minutes ago'. They signed to Polydor (UK) and Interscope (US), both lables under Universal Music Group last March, and since then things went so fast for them. Their single King just crowned the UK official chart two weeks ago.

Ben's such a big fan. My friend went to every of Olly's milestone gigs and she literally saw Ben in the crowd everytime. I actually got to know Years and Years because of their MV real featuring Ben. And now I just cannot stop listening to their songs, magnetic. lol

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Wow, his band is doing really well! Kitsune label event or a solo gig? Ben is a strong supporter for his little bro's band, isn't he?
Enjoy the show :)!!

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OMG Olly! I will see him in Years and Years' gig this Thursday in San Francisco. ><

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