Anyone can see this site?


They say "This page is not currently unavailable" and I can not watch any of the contents in this site except ads . I am wondering it can be watched only in the States?
Anyone could watch this interview, please let me know!!



Uraracat うららさん


アメリカでの放送も迫ってきましたが、Mad Menのイギリス版っていう話のもっていき方にはもう、コリゴリですね。全然アプローチが違うんじゃ?って思うし。

アメリカでは『Mad Menを面白いと思って観てたわけではなく、実のところハイプで浮かされて観てただけ』という人がかなり多かったらしいという調査が発表されたとかっ!私も、あんまりノレないままだったので、ちょっと安心したりして(苦笑)。

The HOURは、ちょっと子供だまし的なところも見えますが(笑)あと二話でどういう盛り上がりを見せるのかっ!これからますます見逃せないですね。

Oh, boy,

I live in Japan where neither couldn't watch this clip. Pity! Anyway, thank you for this info.

Eliza & Jessica

Thank you very much for leaving me your info.
However, unfortunately I still can not watch the interview may be because of the restricted area regulation. Oh, Well....
Anyway, Hope you enjoyed the clip!!

No title

I'm able to see it from the U.S. Thanks for finding it!! I run whishawben, and I love seeing all of your lovely posts. I'm going to embed this on my site, and I think that sometimes embedding materials takes away the location limits. So maybe try looking on my site in a bit? It's a 1 minute clip/interview.

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Yes, I just watched it, thanks. ( I live in the US, and I look at your blog frequently. Thanks for all you do.)

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