Ben Whishaw "The Romantic Outsider"


He's been to LA a couple of times for work but it left him cold....Life for him is about making "meaningful choices". He admits it was a shock to find acting is a business, not just a profession for romantic outsiders.
"I really feel strongly that all of that, the money, is quite irrelevant. Other people can worry about whether it makes money or not, or even if people see it."
(15 May 2007 Independent)


『意味ある選択』 うーん、ベン君いいこと言うなあ。
人間としていかにあるべきかが大切で、名声とかお金とか関係なく…役者の仕事だけが全てじゃない…っていう、いい意味で捨て身な姿勢の表現者だから、出てくる言葉なのだろうな。ベンのファンであることは、まさに『意味ある選択』だわっ♪ 『Romantic Outsiders』私もそうでありたい☆


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