Photographer Brian Oglesbee for "The Tempest"

Brian Oglesbee2 Brian Oglesbee5
Brian Oglesbee6 Brian Oglesbee3

ある日、テイモア監督がこれらのBrian Oglesbee(ブライアン オグレズビー)氏の写真に遭遇。『私が求めていたアリエルのイメージ!』ということで、氏にコンタクトをとり、彼の持つユニークな写真技術とテイモア監督率いる制作チームの映像技術をミックスして、今回のテンペストでの映像が創造されていったそう。Oglesbee氏の写真にはデジタル加工などは一切されておらず、すべて自然の流れ、そして何より大切な忍耐力!で撮影されているとのことです。

Brian Oglesbee(ブライアン オグレズビー):
What I expected to be the main difficulty is what might be called the ‘patience factor’. In order to be in one of my pictures involving water you have to be very patient. There is a lot of set-up and tweaking that has to take place, and because the water is always moving you have to be prepared to shoot the same thing over and over until you get it just right. I had no experience working with movie stars like Dame Helen Mirren and Ben Whishaw so I was very surprised to find out how patient they could be. I was truly impressed with their patience and profiency as we worked on the scenes. I have to say they were very easy to work with and so professional in their approach.



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