Chastity? 『Bright Star 』 愛の表現について 

bright star, sequence

映画『ブライト スター』で、キーツとファニーの間に深い情熱がありながら、淡いキスや手を握るなどの表現にとどまっていたことについて。


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Interviwer: One of the things that interested me about Bright Star is that it’s kind of a love story in a strait jacket. You have to convey this deep passion with no more than a chaste kiss or the brush of a hand. I wondered what kind of notes you made about the restraint you had to have for this film?

BW: it’s funny because until we started showing the film to people I never even thought about it being chaste. I knew there were limitations upon their relationships, but they always felt more like the limitations that were on most relationships in those days. I remember there was one scene where Abbie and I were sitting together – we were surrounded by some of Keats’ friends - and Abbie and I just instinctively put our hands on each other’s knees and Jane was like, “No, no, there’s no way you could have done that then.” It was ridiculous. I was aware there were restrictions, but actually, when we were rehearsing and filming it always felt very passionate, very sensual. Perhaps that’s something you don’t see so much now, but I think just because it’s only a kiss doesn’t mean it’s not as powerful and sensuous and explosive and electric as something more obviously fulfilling.


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