『Bright Star』 AbbieはBenの魔法にかかった?


ジェーン カンピオン監督:



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Jane Campion: With these two, they hadn’t met before rehearsals. There was one key moment, Abby and Ben saw each other and went ‘Yes. We like each other.’ Ben isn’t the controlling alpha male type, and Abby’s got a mystery about her, where she could be so strong and not so obedient. Abby has to feel it’s correct before she will do it.

There was a moment when we were looking at the scene where Ben touches her for the first time at Christmas, and I was reading it around a little table, we weren’t really acting it out. But Ben is very bold, we got to that bit, and before she knew where she was he had reached out and grabbed her hand and I just saw the flush. I realized that it was such a useful moment for her. We felt the moment.


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